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Creative Worship


In a worship service, we used the metaphor of chains to teach our congregation.  The video intro and the song, Lift Your Head Weary Sinners were merged together to provide a unique worship experience. I am in the middle using two chains as instruments.  

Book of Judges Bumper

LABC uses "sermon bumpers" for transitions from the music portion of our services to the preaching time.  This bumper was used for a summer sermon series through the Book of Judges.  

Kintsugi Worship Element

I came across the concept of Kintsugi and was overwhelmed with its spiritual similarities.  God takes our broken, shattered lives and mends it together with his love, forgiveness, and mercy.  The finished product becomes much more beautiful. This is a worship element that I wrote and had a drama student in our church perform.

Cardboard Testimonies

For our annual youth "Hanging of the Green" Christmas Service, I wanted to illustrate the change in our lives when "God is with us."  The song used for these cardboard testimonies is MercyMe's God with Us.

Silent Monk Hallelujah Chorus

A lighter side of worship.  This element was the special music for the same service as above.  Out teenagers were "Silent Monks" and they presented Handel's Hallelujah Chorus.

Tithe Rap

Churches often struggle to make giving and tithing a joyful thing.  Our church was no different  I used the internet to find creative tithe illustrations and came across this tithe rap.  I asked permission to use what another church had already done and they were kind enough to provide me the music bed.  The three members rehearsed for about a month and performed this on a Sunday morning. 

In My City Lip Sync

In a recent sermon series through the book of 1st Corinthians, our staff did this video to help illustrate that one of the themes of 1st Corinthians is to take the message of Jesus to a lost world right here in Arlington, TX.  I shot and edited all aspects of this video.

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